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The simply designed and fine finished Lobby Chair Series allows users to enjoy multi-functional classical chairs for public areas such a guest lounges, conference rooms, or airports. The sturdy frame with colorful fabric elegantly suits any public space around the globe.


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  • ELO-5110 ELO-5110 ELO-5110 (W1570XD650XH900)
  • ELO-5210  ELO-5210 (W1655XD625XH815)
  • ELO-2020  ELO-2020 (W1580XD470XH420)
  • ELO-6100  ELO-6100 (W1520XD590XH860)
  • ELO-6200  ELO-6200 (W1510XD520XH425)
  • ELO-1111  ELO-1111 (W1680XD630XH930)
  • ELO-1112  ELO-1112 (W1560XD550XH430)
  • ELS-3320  ELS-3320 (W1530XD620XH780)
  • ELO-3002  ELO-3002 (W1620XD510XH420)
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