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SUNGYONG Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of office chairs since founded in 1989 and it is an enterprise that produces high quality office chairs based on the technology and know-how accumulated for a long time.

With certified establishment of a Chair Design Institute, the company has its own development capabilities and has specialized production systems to produce high-quality products, and it is a professional manufacturer of office chairs that strives for customer satisfaction.

SUNGYONG Co., Ltd. has secured the KS certification, ISO9001/14001 certification, quality assurance certification (Q mark), Good Design Product Selection (GD), eco-labeling certification, performance certificates, excellent quality of Incheon-city by maintaining strict quality control system based on the work standard and product standardization through the production process-specific specialization and has built the export base by getting the certification of BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association), being selected as a KOTRA Guarantee Brand and a Promising Export SME (Small and Medium Enterprise).

In addition, the company is producing the products including Aeon, Menche`s, Serena, Euro series by self-development through an ergonomic chair design technique that combines physical characteristics and emotions of human based on the long accumulated technology and know-how on office chair.

Based on the perfect combination of humanism and technology, SUNGYONG Co., Ltd. will try to develop and produce better quality products and will develop businesses to prepare for the future.